When I was 17, my English teacher told me something I would never forget. She called me to her office and said she saw something in my writing – something between the lines moved her. She told me to write more because this may be something that works.

I have kept to that promise ever since.

Every week, I write an English article on Malaysiakini, and a Chinese article on Sin Chew Daily. The topics I cover are Politics, People, and Power.

Writing is one of the most effective ways of figuring out who you are. Over time, I realise that one of the most interesting things to write about is what people would do in the pursuit of power. Only in politics do we find the best and worst of humanity; their successes and failures publicly displayed.

The other reason why I largely only write about politics is that I am incapable of writing about anything else. I studied law at university, but many other writers are more able than I am to write about this topic.

I am currently working for a technology company, leading the commercial division. Technology and businesses are two areas I am also exploring. Technology is still the greatest equaliser of our times, and businesses define our livelihood and community.

Aside from that, I also like to talk about Film, Philosophy, and Art. I am always looking for something true – writing is my tool of exploration.

I am lucky to write. There is a magical component of writing that could affect how we feel. Ink stays longer than our blood.

My English teacher may have said that casually, but at least it taught me the power of words.