Gratitude on threes (15 June 2020)

I’m grateful for:

  • My partner, who’s been trying many ways of supporting me through a difficult time, being aware of the words and advice she uses to make sure I am much better each day; seeking to be an encouraging voice while maintaining distance to allow my self-healing.
  • Tim Ferris, whom I took a long time to appreciate the enormous learnings he has made available to the world, and parts relating to methods, discipline, and figuring things out have been especially helpful. One notable quote was how the 80/20 rule applies to being nicer to yourself and your outlook on the world. Put on an oxygen mask on yourself before you do for others.
  • Meditation, something I have been able to maintain to reasonable success. I use the app Calm and also Tara Beach’s timeless Smile meditation, thah helped me find the centred balance in my head before I take on the day.

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