Blue mind

Does having the Pacific Ocean in your backyard help you process the Covid-19 pandemic in a spiritual way? There is a theory called “blue mind” which believes that living near water is a health curative.

Yeah, I can believe that. “Cool Water,” “Many Rivers to Cross,” “How Deep Is the Ocean.” I hear any of those songs and it’s like some kind of cure. I don’t know what for, but a cure for something that I don’t even know I have. A fix of some kind. It’s like a spiritual thing. Water is a spiritual thing. I never heard of “blue mind” before.

This is an interesting excerpt I found from an interview between NYT and Bob Dylan. I often think about why the water has a meditative ability; why going to the beaches and hearing water waves churn and churn has a calming effect on the soul. And as I get older, water becomes a form of therapy that I need to mend certain broken parts that are overdriven by commitments and expectations.

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